2018 NCBBA National Championship History

Indiana University (South Bend) – South Bend, IN – April 6th – 8th, 2018

2018 was yet again another record year of growth for the The National Club Basketball Association as the league grew to over 100 schools including the addition of the Southern Pacific Region.  This western growth moved the mid point of the NCBBA further west causing a need for a new venue in proximity to the new center of the league.  South Bend, IN came calling with open arms and it was quickly determined that Indiana University – South Bend would be the perfect venue to host our National Championship.  Eight NCBBA teams advanced to the National Championship tournament through the new 4-team Regional Playoff format.  The National Championship took place Friday, April 6th through Sunday, April 9th once again in a single elimination, three-day tournament that ultimately determined the 2018 National Champion.  On Saturday (April 7th) the 3rd annual NCBBA skills competition and 2nd annual NCBBA All Star Game were held.


Participants: Arizona State University, East Carolina University, Harvard University, Indiana University, Ithaca College, University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Princeton University

Championship: Ohio State University 80 vs. Harvard University 70

Champions: Ohio State University

Tournament MVP: Nick Moschetti



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Skills / All Star Competition

On Saturday April 7th, the NCBBA hosted the 3rd annual NCBBA Skills Competition.  Contestants from around the NCBBA competed in events such as a Three Point Competition, the NCBBA Obstacle Course, and a Slam Dunk Competition.  Following the Skills Competition, the 2nd annual NCBBA All Star Game took place featuring participants from the NCBBA National Championship Tournament field.


NCBBA 3-Point Shooting Competition
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Jeb Helmers Princeton 30.13 18.78 23.34
Steve Pennington Ohio State 29.53 24.75 32.93
Parker Chmiel Michigan 28.54 23.28 47.30
Kinan Moufti Arizona State 26.32 28.19 eliminated
Patrick Skelly Michigan 34.75 39.62 eliminated
Tyler Guest Arizona State 23.78 42.59 eliminated
Mark Czeisler Harvard 43.78 eliminated eliminated
Eric Stokes East Carolina 43.79 eliminated eliminated
Aidan Dewar Harvard 44.22 eliminated eliminated
Jordan Bradshaw Indiana 44.78 eliminated eliminated
Jared Young Princeton 49.44 eliminated eliminated
Ja’Carus Hamilton East Carolina 1:18.70 eliminated eliminated
NCBBA Obstacle Course
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Tyler Guest Arizona State 33.25 28.37 32.53
Shane O’Donoghue Harvard 42.53 29.84 33.13
Marquis Gaines 28.31 33.03 33.66
Jansen Davidson Ohio State 36.63 40.81 eliminated
Nate Hollenberg Harvard 39.09 52.44 eliminated
Antonio Atria Ohio State 31.71 01:07.9 eliminated
Chuk Uzoegwu Princeton 43.38 eliminated eliminated
Malachi Byrd Princeton 44.84 eliminated eliminated
Lucas Fioretti Michigan 44.88 eliminated eliminated
Justus Thompson East Carolina 53.50 eliminated eliminated
EJ Faulcon East Carolina 55.85 eliminated eliminated
NCBBA Slam Dunk Challenge
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Dakota King East Carolina 30 28, 30 11, 24
Malik Sammons Ohio State 23, 28 24, 26, 30 19
Andrew Slivinski Indiana 22 14, 20 eliminated
Marcus Hicks East Carolina 14, 25, 17 19 eliminated
Gautam Visveswaran Michigan 16, 20, 22 17, 19 eliminated
RJ Hernandez Princeton 22, 17, 14 14 eliminated
Tyler Guest Arizona State 17, 21, 13 eliminated eliminated
All Star Game


Team Orange – 102
General Manager: Ryan Norris
Head Coach: Robert Montgomery


RJ Hernandez (Princeton)
Dakota King (East Carolina)
Kaine Vieira (Arizona State)
Eric Stokes (East Carolina)
Darrian Saddler (East Carolina)
Malachi Byrd (Princeton)
Kevin Hou (Princeton)
Myles Forde (East Carolina)


Team Black – 99
General Manager: Ken Thorne
Head Coach: Scott Chemma


Jeb Helmers (Princeton)
Jared Young (Princeton)
Jake Pandroke (Arizona State)
Rex Greabell (Arizona State)
Marcus Hicks (East Carolina)
JJ Hamilton (East Carolina)
Stewart Troebel (Princeton)


MVP:  Marcus Hicks – 32 points