2016 NCBBA National Championship History

La Roche College – Pittsburgh, PA – April 15th – 17th, 2016

For the 3rd straight year, The National Club Basketball Association hosted the 2016 National Club Basketball National Championship tournament at Coach Scott Lang Court on the campus of La Roche College.  Eight NCBBA teams advanced to the National Championship tournament through Regional Playoffs, which took place Friday, April 15th through Sunday, April 17th. The event was once again a single elimination, three-day tournament that ultimately determined the 2016 National Champion. On Sunday April 17th the NCBBA hosted it’s first ever skills competition.


Participants: East Carolina University, Ohio State University, Georgetown University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, Iowa State University, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, West Virginia University

Championship: East Carolina University 81 vs. Ohio State University 74 (OT)

Champions: East Carolina University


Tournament MVP: Torez Fisher


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Skills Competition

On Sunday April 17th, the NCBBA hosted the first ever NCBBA Skills Competition.  Contestants from around the NCBBA competed in events such as a Three Point Competition, the NCBBA Obstacle Course, and a Slam Dunk Competition.

NCBBA 3-Point Shooting Competition
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Bryce Spees Ohio State  40.69  33.69
Colton Lange UW Milwaukee  35.56  21.87  24.09
Steffan Jackson UMASS Lowell  46.63
Brandon West Ohio State  41.65
Chase Leonardi UW Milwaukee  41.87
Jared Kurtz Ohio State  54.25
Joe Konopski UW Milwaukee  40.00  35.00
Lucas Ravanis UMASS Lowell  29.88  33.62  45.47
Michael Bongiorno UMASS Lowell  37.62  21.38  32.35
Ryan Murray Ohio State  20.00  49.03
NCBBA Obstacle Course
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Brandon West Ohio State  32.09  25.53  38.07
Chase Leonardi UW Milwaukee  51.41
Daniel Meas UMASS Lowell  44.81
Claude-Hendel Laurole UMASS Lowell  36.19
Darrian Saddler East Carolina  33.81  36.44
Keven Myrick East Carolina  30.37  36.13
Michael Bongiorno UMASS Lowell  33.79+10
Bryce Spees Ohio State  35.50  24.47  30.97
Jared Kurz Ohio State  26.10  26.93  21.65
Ryan Murray Ohio State  34.91  30.12
Ravian Wilson East Carolina  56.81
NCBBA Slam Dunk Challenge
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Cameron Seeley UMASS Lowell  23  22, 26  22, 23
Colton Lange UW Milwaukee  15
DeAngelo Hopkins East Carolina  24  0
Jared Azriel UMASS Lowell  15, 22
Darrian Saddler East Carolina  20, 23  22
Zach Robinson UMASS Lowell  16
Ravian Wilson East Carolina  15, 15
Steffan Jackson UMASS Lowell  27  26  29, 30