The NCBBA-M has surveyed the member teams regarding the possibility of playing fall conference games due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We have heard from just under 90% of the NCBBA-M membership and only 4 teams have reported that they are allowed to compete this fall in some capacity.  Given this information, we will be moving forward with the plan of the 20-21 NCBBA-M season being spring-only.  That being said, we are going to be delaying the scheduling of the spring-only conference games till late fall semester.  We will be reaching out to our teams again in late October to reevaluate everyone’s status regarding spring competition with the goal of releasing the spring schedules by the end of November.  This goal may change based upon the results of our October evaluations.


During this time we will continue to recruit new teams to join the NCBBA-M for spring participation as we have had several teams interested in joining but delayed their registration as they awaited to find out if they would be allowed to compete during the fall semester.


Christian Smith

Vice-President of Men’s Basketball Operations

National Club Basketball Association