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2017 NCBBA National Championship History

Notre Dame College – Cleveland, OH – April 7th – 9th, 2017

2017 was a year of growth and change for The National Club Basketball Association.  With a record breaking amount of new teams coming on board it was time for a fresh venue to host the National Championship.  After an extensive search, the Murphy Gym in the Keller Center on the campus of Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio proved to be that ideal location.  Eight NCBBA teams advanced to the National Championship tournament through Regional Playoffs, which took place Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th. The event was once again a single elimination, three-day tournament that ultimately determined the 2017 National Champion. On Saturday April 8th the NCBBA once again hosted the popular NCBBA Skills competition followed by it’s first ever all star game.

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Game Recaps/Highlights!

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Skills / All Star Competition

On Saturday April 8th, the NCBBA hosted the 2nd annual NCBBA Skills Competition.  Contestants from around the NCBBA competed in events such as a Three Point Competition, the NCBBA Obstacle Course, and a Slam Dunk Competition.  Following the Skills Competition, the first even NCBBA All Star Game was played featuring participants from the NCBBA National Championship Tournament field.

NCBBA 3-Point Shooting Competition
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Ted Young Purdue 22.6 37.7 25.9
Josephy Howat Purdue 31.4 16.5 27.4
Anthony Starzynski Pittsburgh 26.7 33.2 29.3
Claude-Hendel Laurole UMASS Lowell 26.5 46.6 eliminated
Alex Nadtochij St. John’s 26.8 48.1 eliminated
Anthony Hourani Michigan State 27.4 51.7 eliminated
Trey Long South Carolina 32.1 eliminated eliminated
Cory Rogers Pittsburgh 36.7 eliminated eliminated
Daniel Meas UMASS Lowell 46.4 eliminated eliminated
Nick Heffner St. John’s 01:08.0 eliminated eliminated
NCBBA Obstacle Course
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Jalen Thomas Purdue 31.3 32.4 30.1
William Howell St. John’s 32.9 31.4 32.3
Jared Davis South Carolina 44.2 31 32.7
Stefon Hunt Michigan State 38.4 34.6 eliminated
Daniel Meas UMASS Lowell 32.9 37.5 eliminated
Claude-Hendel Laurole UMASS Lowell 43.3 57.7 eliminated
Martino Pepe St. John’s 45.8 eliminated eliminated
Joey Mascaro Pittsburgh 45.9 eliminated eliminated
TJ Morris Michigan State 48.6 eliminated eliminated
Bryce Schloneger Pittsburgh 55.6 eliminated eliminated
NCBBA Slam Dunk Challenge
Participant 1st Round 2nd Round Champ Round
Jayson Brower St. John’s 27, 12, 30 30, 5, 3 29
Quad Borup South Carolina 30, 27, 19 16, 27, 30 20, 12
Stefan Chong St. John’s 30, 13 27, 23, 25 eliminated
Cam Seeley UMASS Lowell 26, 26 19 eliminated
John Gore South Carolina 24, 12, 17 eliminated eliminated
Juozapas Bilvaisas UMASS Lowell 24, 11 eliminated eliminated
Mike Montgomery Purdue 16, 20 eliminated eliminated

All Star Game: Team Orange 118 vs. Team Black 104

All Star MVP: Jayson Brower – St. John’s University