Trey Anderson

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director


National Club Basketball Association named Trey Anderson as the new Mid-Atlantic Regional Director.

Anderson serves Anne Arundel Community College with the primary mission of managing the retention and completion of student-athletes with the goal of matriculation to a four-year institution; as Coordinator for Student-Athlete Success. This position plays a major role within the institution as it helps to educate student-athletes on the eligibility requirements to transfer, as well as facilitates life skills programming. He operates under the philosophy of Develop, Discipline, Dominate; which translates to the student-athletes athletically and academically.

Anderson previously returned to his alma mater, Coppin State University, to serve as the Compliance Coordinator. He used his expertise and experience to help mold student-athletes into scholar-athletes due to his strong belief in the concept of “Student First, Athlete Second.” In addition, he served as the Head Club Men’s Basketball Coach (16-19). Under his direction his players were awarded 2 All-Americans & 4 All-Region Awards; as well as, breaking the teams record for most points scored in a single-game with 103 points against Stevenson.

Recently, he has consulted for several athletic departments providing a seminar to discuss the dangers of social media; known as “Death to Social Media.” The seminar focuses on how an individual’s social media profile can be used to possibly steal their identities or harm them. Also, how to secure their profiles and build them to be employer friendly.

Anderson received his M.S. in Sport Administration in 2016 from Delaware State University. He joined the DSU staff in 2015 and served as a NCAA Graduate Assistant for Department of Athletics; under the NCAA Accelerating Academic Success Program for his second time. In addition to preparing student-athletes with their academics and assisting in the certification process, he provided support services to student-athletes. While on the staff, Anderson had been appointed to the position of President of the Graduate School Association. As well as, served as the Men’s Basketball Graduate Manager.

Having been involved in athletics since his youth, he has a keen sense of the skills needed for student-athletes to achieve success. Furthermore, he has been intricate in helping programs build academic success.

Under the NCAA Accelerating Academic Success Program in 2013 he served as an Academic Counselor for Coppin State University’s Athletic Department. While with athletics he chartered the Coppin Chapter for the National Honor Society for College Athletes’ (Chi Alpha Sigma). Also, he became a member of the National Association for Academic Advisors for Athletes.

In 2010 he fully began his coaching career at St. Frances Academy. Then from 2011-2015 he served as the Special Teams Coordinator for Coppin State Football. He was a member of the inaugural staff for Coppin State. While there he won 2 National titles back to back for 2012 and 2013.

Anderson received his B.S. in Criminal Justice in 2013 from Coppin State University.

Prior to Coppin State he attended Norwich University from 2007-2009 where he played football and began training to be a coach. While at Norwich he joined the Army National Guard.

Originally from Baltimore, MD, he is the son of Shannon Smith and Tony Roberts.