Rawlings becomes “Official Performance Apparel Provider” of the NCBBA!

CollClubSports is extremely excited to announce Rawlings Sporting Goods as the “Official Performance Apparel and Protective Equipment Supplier” of the National Club Basketball Association through the 2018 season. Over the last several years, Rawlings has become a huge supporter of CollClubSports and this agreement is another example of their devotion to the growth and success of the National Club Basketball Association.

Athletes have come to expect high-quality, high-performing gear and equipment from Rawlings. That’s why Rawlings offers a vast selection of performance apparel that rawlings_logorevolutionizes the way people live, work and play. Performance Apparel includes, but is not limited to items such as performance shirts and shorts, sweatpants, compression shirts and shorts, polo’s, sweatshirts, and jackets. All of which can be customized for your club with any school logo’s, personal names, #’s etc.

“I’m very excited with this agreement,” said Eric Curitore, Director of Marketing of CollClubSports. “We have been searching for a Performance Apparel Supplier for the last few years, and over that period of time, I noticed that Rawlings selection of Performance Apparel was growing. They offered everything that our teams would need and the customization abilities that our teams expect. Rawlings has always been successful in the apparel industry, so bringing them on board to handle our NCBBA teams was a no brainer. With Rawlings extensive line of performance apparel at such great pricing, I feel strongly that our teams won’t need to look anywhere else.”

All NCBBA teams will receive at least 40% off of Rawlings Protective Equipment and Performance Apparel. NCBBA teams can receive an additional 5% off if they place their order from July 1st through November 30th. To view everything Rawlings has to offer, teams can email Craig Budzik to receive a catalog of available items.

All order will be handled by the NCBBA’s Paul Williams and teams can contact Paul at Paul.WIlliams@CollClubSports.com or by calling 412-321-8440 x111.