PLEDGE IT – Official Performance Based Fundraiser of the NCBBA!

The leagues of CollClubSports are excited to announce their newest partnership with one of the most successful online donation platforms for athletics nationwide. Introducing, a platform created to help teams and athletes raise money based on their own performance. !

It can be awkward to ask others for money. makes fundraising more engaging, and people give more since they are invested into your performance. PLEDGE IT Friends, family and fans can pledge any amount for every touchdown, run or point scored, and then those pledges turn into donations that directly benefit your fundraising efforts. You can create a campaign for one game, a series or an entire season – all you had to do is get people to pledge before you play!

“I’m excited that we are able to partner with PLEDGE IT to help our member teams raise funds for their organizations,” said CollClubSports CEO and President, Sandy Sanderson. “This is the first time ever that CollClubSports has been able to partner with a fundraiser that is actually centered around the game itself. Now every team in CollClubSports can turn their performance on the field into cash to help the team operate. With absolutely zero risk and minimal effort to get started, I expect all of our teams to have a PLEDGE IT campaign up and running in no time.”

The team at  recommends launching your campaign in the middle of their season, or leading up to a rival opponent, to raise the most money. This way teams can determine what statistic to pick based on their performance in the earlier part of the season, as well as pick an opponent they feel confident and excited about playing. suggests that teams launch and market their campaigns one month before the chosen game or series.

“Our partnership with CollClubSports is a game changer,” said Scott Shirley, CEO and co-founder of Pledge Platform, LLC, also known as PLEDGE IT . “I remember the burden of fundraising when I played club baseball. Now teams can invite friends, family and alumni to pledge their support by email and then raise money by simply playing the game, making it easier for everyone to get involved!”

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For more information about PLEDGE IT, contact Sponsor Account Manager Tracy Reardon  at (412) 321-8440 ext. 109 or via e-mail at